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Sicilian pastries. Products typical Sicilian and Aeolian

Tipical Sicilian sweets

Sicilian CannoloOperating on the market since 1997 and specializes in the production of typical Aeolian and Sicilian, the "Pastry Mylae Last but not" the honor of many years of his collaborators, Sicilian doc and connoisseurs of generous flavors of Sicily and its beautiful islands.

Our laboratory is specialized in the production of cassatine, cassata and cannoli.

The "Pastry Mylae Dulcis" is able to provide simple products in their craftsmanship, without any sophistication, delicate in taste and close to the lively, attractive and tasty traditional Italian.

Our delicate Cassatine, the Cassata, Cannoli Siciliani and fragrant, are made with fresh ingredients and selected.

Awarded the "Golden Mercury 2003" Quoted by the Guide of the "Gambero Rosso 2003-2004" and in "Le Guide ViviMilano" in 2004, and recently appreciated in a specialized section of the Corriere della Sera and Il Giorno, the confectionery "Mylae Dulcis", however, has mostly favorable comments and indirect advertising of its loyal customers

What else to add? We can only invite you to taste our specialties.

Be sure that you can not live without!

Pastry Mylae Dulcis: quality, professionalism, convenience!

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