Typical Sicilian pastry.
Cassate, cassatine, cannoli.

With special care for tradition and craftsmanship of the Sicilian pastry, but never without a touch of clever originality, "Pastry shop Mylae Dulcis" translates to taste the bright colors of the islands: the deep blue sea, the red fire of volcanoes the shiny black obsidian, the dazzling white of pumice.

Sicilian pastries

Sicilian pastries Mylae Dulcis: Sicilian cakes

Cassatina siciliana

Sicilian Cassatina


Available in two sizes, "Mignon" and "Monoportion", and with its mediterranean flavor

Cassata siciliana

Sicilian Cassata


The elegant and colorful candied fruit of the "Sicilian Cassata"

Cannolo siciliano

Sicilian Cannolo


Our flagship product is among the most popular and imitated pastries in the world

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