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Sicilian pastries. Aeolian and Sicilian typical products

Pasticceria Mylae Dulcis

Our history.Long-time experience.

Operating on confectionery trade since 1997, "Pastry shop Mylae Dulcis" is proud of its experienced owner , connoisseur of the generous flavors of Sicily and its beautiful islands, and its highly qualified personnel. With special care for tradition and craftsmanship of the Sicilian pastry, but never without a touch of clever originality, "Pastry shop Mylae Dulcis" translates to taste the bright colors of the islands: the deep blue sea, the red fire of volcanoes the shiny black obsidian, the dazzling white of pumice..

Cassatine siciliane

Recognized quality.Prizes and Awards.

Honored with awards in various capacities and reviewed in a specialized food guides and also in important sections of national newspapers, "Pastry shop Mylae Dulcis", however, mainly receives positive comments and indirect advertising of his loyal customers.

Cannoli siciliani

Resale of our products.Consider it essential.

Diversify the range of its offerings without interfering in the relationship with its existing suppliers propose original products that do not need to launch promotional, presenting or exhibiting items lively and attractive, always have fresh food to be frozen or freeze to be able to organize the sale and avoid waste, propose homemade pastries deliberately simple and affordable to enable more gain in the face of attractive prices.

Our Sicilian cakes.

Fresh, quality and good!
Cannolo siciliano

Sicilian cassatine

"Mignon" and "Portion". The Mediterranean style, our delicate cassatina


Cassata siciliana

L'aspetto elegante e i vivaci colori della frutta candita della "Cassata siciliana"


Sicilian Cannolo

Our flagship product is among the most popular desserts and imitated in the world


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